Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & Shipping

 Where do you ship to?

We ship to USA, EU, CA, AU, NZ and any other country you find available in the shipping country drop-down selector, during checkout process.

 Orders ship from our Shenzhen, China by air.


What is my order status?

You can find out the status of your order by clicking on the Order Status link, in the Order Confirmation email you received after placing the order.


How long will my order take?

If product is in stock, we usually process and ship orders within 2-3 business days, once order is received and payment is confirmed.


Continental US shipments usually take 3 to 7 business days, depending on your exact shipping location, while international shipments can take anywhere from 7 to 21 days.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by credit and debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Affirm financing and more.


Can I change my shipping address after placing the order?

It's possible but not guaranteed, as some payment options do not allow address changes.


Will I get a tracking number when the order ships?

Yes! We will send a shipping confirmation email to you including tracking information, as soon as your order ships.


When is my card charged?

Your card will be charged as soon as you place the order.


Product Questions


What wheels can I install on the Revel Kit?

The Revel Kit is compatible with most wheels featuring a ABEC 11 or Orangatang wheel core, ranging in diameter from 85mm all the way up to 120mm.


How fast does it go?

Speed can be affected by many factors, such as rider weight, weather conditions, surface conditions, riding style and board setup. Wiuth that being said, the Revel Kit has been tested to go up to 30mph in optimal conditions, or even faster in a 4WD setup.


Can I install the Revel Kit on any deck?

The kit is compatible with most standard top mount decks. Drop-through decks can be used as well, although only as top mount, meaning truck holes will be visible. Truck cover plates are available to purchase. Drop-down decks are NOT compatible, although a micro-drop can be corrected with the use of a riser.


What is the maximum rider weight allowed?

The Revel Kit has been tested up to 264lbs, however, performance will be negatively affected for riders upwards of 210lbs.


Can I travel with my Revel Kit on an air plane?

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration and the International Air Transport Association, our 144wh  standard range battery is suitable for travel with prior airline approval.


Can I kickpush after running out of battery?

Yes, the board has very little resistance and as an added bonus you can still use the brakes even after the battery is dead!


Can I do tricks on a Revel Board?

No tricks! The Revel Kit is designed for cruising and carving on smooth hard pack surfaces.


How do I control the board?

The board acceleration and braking are controlled through a bluetooth wireless remote control.


Can I ride uphill?

Yes, the Revel Drive can climb gradients up to 20%. However, riding on hills can be very dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with riding a regular non-powered longboard on similar hills.


How do I get the best performance?

Riding in lower Speed Modes will give you the best range, while best climbing and speed can be achieved on the higher Speed Modes.


Returns & Warranty


Can I return my kit?

Customers may return an unused item in its original packaging, in its original condition, within 14 days of the date of delivery.


How do I ship my order back to you?

Please email us at prior to shipping, in order to obtain a Return Authorization Number. In most cases, we will provide a return shipping label.


What's the warranty?

The Revel Kit is covered by a 6 month warranty. Detailed warranty information can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.


Is water damage covered by warranty?

Although the Revel Kit has a IP54 water resistance rating, water damage is NOT covered under warranty. Riding in wet conditions is not safe and should be avoided, in order to prevent damage to critical components.


Can you fix my board even if it's outside the warranty?

If you experience an issue with your board and require technical assistance, please email us at help@landwheel and we'll do our best to get you back on the road in no time!